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Blue Cross Kisumu was registered in 2009 as a Community Based Organization working

with children and youth on the prevention of alcohol use and other drugs abuse.

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We are a youth-led community-based organization facilitating sustainable youth development.

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Alcohol Prevention Programs

We develop suitable alcohol Prevention programs, Rehabilitation and Treatment of children, youth and adult dependent on alcohol and other drugs use

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Evidence-based interventions

Spearhead evidence-based interventions for the treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration through care for alcohol and other drug dependent persons so as to create a productive society.

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Blue Cross Kisumu Lifes Skills Manual Launch

Life skills
are very key to our children

At our youth centres, we offer life skills and engage youth in different activities that keep them viable busy so as to fall victims of drugs and their addictions.
In every decision we make in Life Skills, we must ensure that our children are involved. Corporal punishment is not good for a child.

Lives of our children need to be saved and if we don’t do it now, the future of our generation will be messed up. It is the role of duty bearers to kick out drug and substance abuse in this great country. Blue Cross believes that freedom from drugs and alcohol abuse and addiction is the inherent right of every young person.


As we prepare to mark International Day Against Drug we will be sharing short videos on how
alcohol and other drugs are affecting our communities and how we are working to help the families.

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Postal Address
P.O. Box 3341- 40100, Kisumu - Kenya
Blue Cross Kisumu
Kibos, Kisumu County
Our Phone Numbers
Main Office: +254 792965139
Railways Ward Office: +254 792965137
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