Youth United against Alcohol Harm is one of the projects run by Blue Cross Kisumu with a goal of reducing alcohol consumption among the youth.

The project works with 500 young people of ages 14-24 years and their families who are affected by alcohol in the slums and peri-urban areas of Kisumu. The youth are taken through life skills education which equips them with tools to enable them to cope with the daily life challenges like environment full of Alcohol, drugs, criminal activities, gender-based violence among others. The youth are engaged in sporting and art activities e.g. Football, Basketball, Music, Drama and Dance.

We also offer both individual and group counselling to the youth and their parents with Alcohol problems, through this we have been able to change a good number youth and their parents from the habit of using alcohol into becoming more responsible people in the society.

We also working with the local administrations and other government agencies to help us in the fight against Alcohol through the enforcement of regulations and laws related to Alcohol.

We are running two youth centres, one in the slums and the other in the peri-urban community which is providing safe space for the youth for meeting with their peers to do different activities, play as well as get information about Alcohol and other issues affecting them.