Blue Cross Club Members COVID-19 Prevention activities

Since the outbreak of covid 19 children from Blue Cross club members have been identified playing a very big role in fighting and sensitizing the communities on issues of covid 19 precautions measures. The children and youth created awareness in various communities within Kisumu County.

  1. Poster sticking.

Blue Cross club members stacked 1000 posters with messages on covid-19 precaution measures like on how to wash hands properly, how the virus spread, the signs and symptoms of the virus and how to prevent the virus from spreading. It was done by the Blue Cross members from Kudho primary, Alango primary, Kasagam secondary and Lions High school.

Blue Cross Member sticking a Posters

The posters were placed in informal settlements of Manyatta, Nyalenda, Obunga, Kibos, Chiga, Mamboleo, Migosi and many others. The club members enjoyed the activity and these also brought greater impact to the children, youth and adults with messages.

  • Distribution of face-masks, sanitizers and hand washing soap.

The Blue Cross club members from Kasagam secondary and Manyatta primary school distributed the face-masks and hand washing soap to the vulnerable families to support them in maintaining hygiene and prevent them from covid-19. The families were very happy with what the young children from the club was doing to the communities.The distribution was specifically done at Manyatta, Nyalenda, Obunga and Kibos areas.

  • Making Face-masks.

Blue Cross club members from Alango primary school made face-masks using normal tissue during covid-19 period and they distributed them to other children living in Kajulu area in Kisumu East. Because most of the children in area could not afford to buy the face-masks to put on to prevent them from covid-19.

  • Creating messages on measures on covid-19.

Blue Cross club members from Kudho primary school wrote massages on manila papers and posted in a video as they were displaying the massages creating awareness on covid 19 to the youths and the public, they also narrated a poem on ways to keep safe from covid -19 that was also uploaded to Blue Cross Youtube Page and Facebook Page. The messages created by the children were [covid-19 is real, vaa mask, keep social distance, avoid public gatherings, wash hands, avoid alcohol intake and stay at home]

  • Chief Office visit by the Blue Cross members.

Blue cross members from Kudho primary school organized a meeting where they discussed various problems that they were going through in the community due to the outbreak of Covid 19 since April, they decided to

Club members at the Asst Chief office

meet the area Assistant Chief of Nyawitta sub location where they shared with Her in the office some of the challenges like harassment by the police because they were not putting on face masks, peer influence among the youth, many children are not having enough time to play and study because they have a lot of work to do and most children started selling and drinking of alcohol. The Assistant chief promised them that their challenges must be addressed as fast as quickly as possible.