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Africa hunger, famine facts: What you need to know

Africa hunger facts you need to know An estimated 1.4 million children could die this year from famine-like conditions in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen, according to the U.N. children’s agency. Kenya’s government expects that 4 million people will need help by July 2017; about 700,000 Kenyan children younger than 5 are facing starvation.

Global Leadership Summit: 3 insights to help you lead well

Do you ever get really excited about something but the people around you don’t seem to share your passion? Attendees at The Global Leadership Summit understand your frustration. Years ago, Lynne Hybels traveled to Africa when the AIDS pandemic hit. The megachurch pastor’s wife called him and said, “Bill, if you don’t come and see

World Refugee Day: Moses misses his father

Nearly 10,000 refugee children have crossed from South Sudan into Uganda without their parents. This World Refugee Day, June 20, meet Moses, one of these unaccompanied children who now must wear the shoes of a father for his sisters. Learn how this responsibility weighs on him now and how World Vision is helping to look